ManyClasses 1 Application Summary

As the Fall 2019 semester rapidly approaches, we have finally closed the ManyClasses 1 Call for Applications, and we are hard at work getting the study embedded in instructors' Fall Canvas sites. Over the past 4 months, we’ve been working tirelessly at building a large and diverse sample of classes for this study, and at seeking approval from institutions for their participation. And great news: We’ve managed to receive applications and approval from a spectacular cohort of instructors! In this post, we’d like to summarize the applications received to date. (Note: Keep in mind that this is not a description of the final study sample.)

  • Total unique, complete applications received: 49
  • Number of institutions granting approval: 5
  • Number of applications received from approved institutions: 44
  • Current number of applicants: 42 (excludes 1 withdrawal & 1 that did not meet inclusion criteria)

The institutions that have provided the necessary written approval for the ManyClasses study are: Indiana University, Penn State University, University of Nebraska Lincoln, University of Michigan, and University of Minnesota. We cannot fully express our appreciation to the many administrators at these institutions who helped shepherd ManyClasses through their approval process, and also to those at a handful of other institutions where approval was not possible at this time, but who made valiant efforts nonetheless.

Of the 42 qualifying applicants, here is a rough profile of their classes:

THANK YOU to all the applicants! We’re so excited for you to join the team, and so tremendously appreciative of your willingness to experiment and to contribute to this project!

Lastly, we are excited to announce that, earlier this Summer, Janelle Sherman joined the ManyClasses team as Research Manager! Janelle is a 3rd-year PhD student studying Social Psychology in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University. Janelle is the primary point of contact with participating instructors, and is currently working to embed the ManyClasses study in their Fall classes.