ManyClasses1 Complete

By now you’ve likely seen our tweets, our manuscript, and or maybe even a presentation of our results, but we wanted to post an update to officially declare the ManyClasses1 project: Complete!

We’ve updated our ManyClasses1 project page to include a complete citation to the research report, links to relevant resources and products, an accessible summary, and our list of acknowledgements. What the project page will inevitably fail to convey is the spectacular amount of effort that went into this first ManyClasses project, and our sincerest appreciation for the many contributions of collaborating teachers and partners. As we argue in our manuscript, addressing fundamental questions of what works in education requires massive-scale collaborations which simply wouldn’t be possible without teachers' active involvement and the support of their institutions. The project also wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise and involvement of Janelle Sherman, who gracefully and skillfully managed ManyClasses1 and ensured its success.

For the record, while we’re declaring the ManyClasses1 study to be complete, we’re still pondering through some additional questions that came up during our administration of the project. In particular, we ran a survey with participating teachers, and these data tell an interesting story about how experimental research dovetails (or at times, fails to dovetail) with instructional practice. While this accompanying work still remains, the core ManyClasses effort is now closed. Thank you again to all our collaborators – we couldn’t have done it without you.

Stay tuned as we continue to make plans for ManyClasses2!